IQAC Cells/ Clubs/ Associations



College has established IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) with the primary aim to develop a system of conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance.


For this purpose various cells literary societies , students, club and associations have been constituted under the supervision and support of IQAC.  

Dr.Savita Manchanda (Co-ordinator IQAC/NAAC)



1. Science Club:
Science has an important role in our day to day life. So we have to create interest and positive activities towards science. The purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific
world throughout the college and local community. The area of emphasis shall include biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics and much more. The club shall seek to foster the type of honest skepticism that is necessary for lifelong learning. Moreover this club has a specific objective as it aims to explain, exhibit and demonstrate scientific activities and to induct observational, logical and analytical approach among students. We take this opportunity to invite one and all to this programme and to guide our young minds in their scientific pursuit.

2. Maths Club:
The mission of Maths Club is to foster a community of students around a common interest in mathematics. Club members are provided opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles. Members will also be able to engage with colleagues in the discipline by attending math conferences, competitions, projects and will participate in social gatherings aimed at advancing interactions with their cohort. The Maths Club members are given exposere to learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics.

3. Mentor Club:
The mentor club of SMM, Palwal believes the success of a young woman is measured by the level of support around her.   This is the reason that we strive to foster an environment where young women are mentored to create
their own opportunities for life are success.  They are encouraged to become role models to their peers while contributing to the betterment of their community.


The goals of the Mentor Program are as follows:

Increase girls' sense of self worth.

Improve girls' perspective toward education.

Help girls to develop and define their short-term and long-term goals.

Provide them with positive support and encouragement.

Help them to become self-sufficient, motivated adults.

4. History Club:
The purpose of history Club is to create opportunities where students and teachers can nurture and enrich their passion for history and come together outside the classroom setting. The club strives to make the campus aware
of the importance and relevance of history. These goals are achieved through trips, educational speakers, films, fundraisers, and other special events. The club will strive to cultivate a democratic atmosphere of spirited, open debate in its meetings, and always advance the central goal of a better understanding of the past.

5. Music Club:
Music Club increases interest, knowledge, and productivity in all areas of music education among students. It encourages students to realize their own musical talent and also to perform in various competitions.. The members of this club has formed a choir group based on prior audition and the group then performs during the Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, Teachers� Day and Youth Festival. The interested students are also
encouraged to participate in other inter college competitions are. Students participated in diffrent events and also brought laurels for the college. The club provide ample available opportunities for professional development available to its members.



6. Alumni Association:
The idea of forming an association of past SMMites stemmed from the desire for fellowship and the pull of an emotional bond with the college where we as students spent the crucial years of our lives. It was at the SMM College that we the SMMites were moulded to take of the challenge of the real world that awaited us. The main objective of the Association is to develop and strengthen a feeling of fraternity amongst its members and the Alumni / present students of the institution.

7. Hindi Literary Society:
A society is brought to life by the actions and interests of its Head and members present and actively involved, then only does a society have a meaning. Similarly Hindi Literary Society breathes because of the commitment and respect we hold towards our National Language. The Hindi Literary Society is constituted by the Hindi Department. Its main objective is to promote academic activities. The Cultural Aspect of Hindi is most significant in our Indian History and difficult to ignore. Hindi and its Culture dates back to the Centuries-Old Indian traditions and have kept it alive through our own desire to learn more and spread more. Keeping these objectives in mind we have held events like Poetic Recitation, Essay Writing, Debates, etc. from time to time so that interactions between students can take place related to our Indian Culture.

8. English Literary Society:
The English Literary Society has, in every sense of the term, registered its share of prominence within a wider enigmatic phenomenon the name Saraswati Mahila Mahavidyalya is synonymous with. Seeking to enrich the student�s taste in anything that revolves around the concept of �literary� and to provide them an environment to foster a process of collective creative exchange and development, the society undertakes a plethora of activities including book reading sessions, movie discussion sessions, talks, seminars, quiz, orientation sessions, and critical acumen building sessions. The Society is a welcome platform for all the students who love to put their brains together to ultimately join the dots between all the pieces of a jumbled up world around them.

9. Commerce Student Welfare Association:
Commerce Society is the representative society of the Department of Commerce of SMM College, Palwal. The society strives for the progress and intellectual mastery of every commerce student within the college. The society by organizing holistic events throughout the academic year ensures that every student is taught critical lessons before stepping into the Corporate World. The core objective of this association is to ensure and provide fair and maximum participation of the commerce students in seminars and events. 

10. Grievance Cell:
The Grievance Cell is not merely a complaint cell. Rather, it is an outlet for channelizing physical and emotional discomforts which impacts teaching-learning within the classroom and campus on the whole. It provides an emotional space for expression of personal, social and professional grievances, eventually forcing redressal of the same. The Grievance Cell is also inbuilt with a mechanism where suggestions for improvement of teaching-learning and other related matters of the College directly or indirectly evolve. This is a centralized cell to look into the grievances relating to infrastructure, academics and support systems. The mandate of the cell is to address grievances in an efficient and swift manner.

11. Yoga Club:
Yoga Club is designed to increase opportunities for students to experience yoga's reflective and balancing effects. It gives students the opportunity to experience the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. This club helps students take time to relax from the stresses of college life. Moreover this club seeks to provide a spiritual, educational, athletic, and mental health program in which students, faculty, and staff are welcomed to participate.

12. Health Club:
In order to create an awakening interest for the forgotten health because of strenuous preoccupation of mind among the college students health club is established to influence the habits, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community.


The main objectives of the Health Club are as follows:

To emphasize on the importance of physical activity

To tap the local resources in the community to arrange informative talks on health and hygiene.

To create help line on health within the college to provide tips on managing stress, coping up with emotional & social behavior.

To inculcate awareness on healthy diet and the positive ways of healthy living and life style among the students.

To clarify misconceptions regarding communicable and non communicable diseases and Adolescent health.


13. YRC ( Youth Red Cross Society and Red ribbon Club):
SMM College has a YRC unit, functioning in an effective manner. There are more than 100 volunteers from various streams, and one Programme Officer is appointed for the unit. This unit organize multiple activities such as �A Rally on account of National Voter's Day�, �Road Safety Awareness Rally�, �Human Chain to Emphasize Prevention of Plastic�, �Medical Awareness Camp�, �Blood Donation Awareness Camp� to encourage community service through training and education and to promote technical support for the development of youth programmes, fund-raising, identification of material and human resources.

14. Legal Literacy Cell:
In order to achieve the objective of spreading Legal Literacy, Saraswati Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Palwal formed a Legal Literacy Cell in the premises of the college. In this cell the students are apprised about the various rights and duties of citizens and they are informed about various socio-legal issues. The students also participate in activities such as debates, declamation, poetic, skits, essay writing, slogan writing on issues of socio-legal relevance at school/college to level/District Level/Divisional level and State level. This Cell work to also make youths aware about their rights and help them become responsible citizen.  

15. Political Science Literary Society:
It is one of the most prestigious societies in our college. In it students learn the ideas of great political thinkers, controversies involved in issues as current as the front page of today's newspapers, and everything in between. They also learn to think critically, write clearly and speak persuasively. Political Science graduates find rewarding jobs such as lawyers, legislative staffers, public officials, military officers, non-profit/non-governmental organization staffers, policy analysts, journalists, teachers and university professors, even business executives! Many can go on to advanced study in fields such as law, diplomacy, public policy, and public administration.

16. Sanskrit literary Society:
Sanskrit has been the language of India's very soul, therefore, to promote, develop and enrich Sanskrit language, the Sanskrit literary Society work meticulously. It conducts languages-related activities like Sanskrit Shalokoucharana, Debate, and Essay Writing etc. on a regular basis. The society is working successfully in restoring and rejuvenating the indigenous tradition and culture.

17. Voter�s Club:
The Voter�s Club of SMM, Palwal works with the motto: �If we want change in this decaying system of our government, we have to be vigilant members of this society.� The aim is to enlighten the students about the power of their vote in the world's largest democratic nation. The students of Voter�s club conduct a voter awareness drive in the campus from time to time and make the society aware of the fact that voting does not simply mean choosing the brand of something that we buy or use but also we have to be responsible for what we choose. 

18. Sports Club:
Sport grooms us to become tolerant individuals who understand the value of teamwork and sportsman�s spirit in all of life�s situations. Sporting activities play a major role in shaping student�s outlook and inculcate the values like optimism, belief in oneself and the ability of taking failure in one�s stride. At SMM, Palwal we teach the skill & techniques of different games. We have always cherished the time spent by our students in extracurricular activities like sports. Be it indoor game like Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton etc. or outdoor sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball or, we provide them with excellent infrastructure. The Sports club has been providing a comprehensive exposure to the students to acquaint them with the basic knowledge of different sports.

19. Anti- Ragging Cell:
Ragging is a criminal offence. UGC has directed the institutions coming under its jurisdiction to take preventive measures to curb ragging.  Therefore as per the recommendations of the UGC, Saraswati Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Palwal has formed a cell to monitor and curb the menace of ragging in the institution. The members of this cell monitor all the aspects of ragging and indiscipline among students.

20. Disaster Management Cell:
The Disaster Management Cell endeavors to build and upgrade capacity of human resources to prevent/minimize/ reduce the adverse effects of disaster on human and animal lives and properly through mitigation, preparedness and a well-coordinated efficient response system.


The major objectives of the cell are to:

Provide comprehensive knowledge to the students on disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation;

Enable the learners to carry out risk assessment and vulnerability analysis;

Generate community awareness, and strengthen institutional mechanism for community mobilization and participation in disaster management;

Develop communication skills for disaster preparedness;

Create greater awareness about effective disaster response in various emergency situations;

Equip learners with tools for meeting emergency medical requirements;

Incorporate gender sensitive disaster management approach;

21. Computer Science Club:
This club works to enrich the knowledge of the students in computer science and its application. It provides the modern state-of-art systems with latest available software packages and interactive CD�s. It conducts competitions in the different fields of computer science. Our goal is not to teach students how to use current computer applications, but rather to educate them so that they understand how these applications work and can design and build the computer applications of the future.

22. Anti- Sexual Harassment Cell:
�The status of women should improve if the country is to become a power ful nation in the world.� with this motto the College has established an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell which deals with issues relating to sexual harassment at the college. It has been established to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to all the staff members and students. 

23. Anti- Corruption Cell:
In order to make collective and coordinated efforts for the eradication of corruption from the society and to ensure meritocracy, social justice, good governance and transparency, the Anti- Corruption Cell of SMM, Palwal strives to achieve the highest standards in the duties we perform, the services we render and the professionalism we display. The active members of this cell advise the students that beside academic excellence, they must practice high moral values such as truthfulness, punctuality, promise honoring, honesty, respect for others and give-up the bad habits of cheating, fraud, revenge etc. for gaining short term success in life.

24. Spiritual Club:
This club aims at developing the spirit of love and devotion to God in the hearts of the students, so they may go out of college with a deep-rooted faith in the saving power of God and in the over ruling providence of the Almighty. Here Students are offered varied opportunities to participate in the rich fullness of spiritual life and devotion. The club also assists with other religious activities in college and help students to find opportunities for community service.

25. Planning Forum:
In realization to the pain which students face due to non-availability of proper guidance and suggestion resulting in direction lessens, failure and unemployment, the College has established this form which is taking true parental care and providing expert guidance to the students. The Planning Form endeavors to equip the students with the skills demanded of them by the job market. The Cell arranges classes on personality development and career planning. The cell also makes available to the students books on general knowledge and journals giving information about job

26. The Career Guidance Cell:
Realizing the needs of the fast changing world, and the opportunities thus created for our students, the college has set up a Career Guidance Cell. The cell primarily aims at obtaining the best possible placements to the final year students making them aware of the higher education options in various subjects. It is a dynamic body functioning to provide wholesome development to the students. The Principal and all faculty members extend their wholehearted support to the functioning of the unit. The college has State-of-the-art facilities for conducting seminars and workshops to help students decide a career path and an academic field of study.

27. Women Cell:
The Women cell functions with the objectives of empowering the girl students and enabling them to face the challenges of life. The fact that the women empowerment shall be accomplished only when their counterparts are made aware of their roles, in its true sense. The cell formulates its programs keeping this point in mind. Further, the cell converges its activities to see that the girls students become the responsible women of tommorrow who can rise up to the occasion and handle any responsibility with greater confidence, commitment, efficiency and effectiveness. The main objective of the cell is to look into the grievances of the women, both staff members (teaching and non-teaching) as well as students and provide guidance and help to them.

28. Eco Club:
The present day scenario of rapid population growth and rampant urbanisation calls for a growing awareness about the surrounding environment. Therefore at SMM Palwal, Eco Club has been established to develop environmental ethics among students to create an interesting platform for voicing their views regarding the clean and pollution free environment through various activities like tree-plantation, poster-making, debate, slogan writing, nukad-nataka etc.


They make the society aware regarding the following areas:-

Water supply and water management

Sanitation and waste management

Energy development

Development of natural resources

Cleaning up polluted waste lines